Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sneaky Wine Glasses

Uh oh! There's a birthday coming up!

I don't have a present OR a bottle....

Time for some thieving!

There are two designs. Both born from necessity. And thirst.

There is the one with the tube running parallel to the neck of the glass.

... And the one with the tube going through the neck of the glass.

Only it was not really the neck of the glass - as I found out that if you drill into the neck of a cheap plastic wine glass, it can get hot and melt. Then it can get cool and solidify around your drill. And then you lose ANOTHER drill bit. Drilling into solid lumps of plastic not recommended.
I used a thicker bit of tube instead and ran the drinking straw/windscreen washer tube through that.

Anyway - This is how it should be used:
1) Fill your secret stealy glass with wine, so it looks like you have your own drink "on the go".
2) Sidle up to chump.
3) Empty someone else's glass of wine too quickly.

Live in action:
*It was a Nautical Themed Party

vvv Paradox vvv


And a special present for making it this far:

Yes, it's that Fancy Dress Costume in full:

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