Saturday, 16 October 2010

Status: Updatus/Hiatus

Ok, so this blog is going to take a hiatus for the time being due to my going abroad and far away and having fewer projectables.

I'll miss you guys!
(Not that you read this, or whatever, I don't care)

I will, however, give you some updates on some of the projects I mentioned earlier.

BO Quim Costume
Has been worn to many fabulous occasions with varying degrees of success.
SB's private view:

At the Queen of Clubs event (2nd Prix!)

UK Web & Mini Comix Thing:
Selling our Mini-Boox

Being cussed out by personal hero John Allison of
State opening of Parliament:

The Conglosmotron (ne Secret Project):
Named by upstanding pillar (har har) of the community Santiago, the Conglosmotron has been debuted and performed several times and in various ways...

Here is some improvising done one afternoon (cut up but basically untouched):

Pete the Temp's open mike night
*no pics
Jericho Phoenix Private View

Art Gallery Public View:
Red Tape, George St

Pindrop Performances at the Wheatsheaf, Oxford:
No pics as of yet but here's the poster (my name in lights!)
Could you see it?

OCD performance at the London Anti-Design Festival:
No footage or photos yet (hope to get some though...)
Here was my set up-
Here's what we got up to when not playing:

etc etc
It was getting pretty good by the end...
I'll have to build a mark 2

So, I dunno about other projects. I made some effects pedals, another instrument from long ago (a feedback pipe) did some monster make up SFX for a movie, so if I get really bored, maybe I'll put something else up here. Otherwise, that's just how it is.

If anything tickles you, get in touch.

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