Thursday, 24 December 2009

Circuit Bend #1 - Vtech TLSAD aka. Lil Alpha

Ok, this one is very simple, I haven't even thought of a "jazzy" name for it.

A simple circuit bent V-tech speaking alphabet toy thing - the Talking Little Smart Alphabet Desk*!!

*may be a case for trading standards...

Basic write up 'cos 1) I am busy and 2) it's not very impressive.

The four buttons at the top play D in various flavours.

The switch cuts out some frequencies (is this right?) to give a muted, kinda crunchy sound. (any ideas how to properly describe this?)

The two buttons at the top make it totally glitch out and then usually die.

Speaker jack and led
(wow, right?)

See the vid below for examples of a couple of effects of bends and use of buttons etc.

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