Sunday, 31 January 2010

Muscycle Bisical

The Incredible:
Ben O. was asked to do the percussion for a play version of Bellville Rendezvue.

Obviously we needed to build a musical bicycle.

Made with Michael and Ben and mounted on a sturdy board.
Ben:                     Michael:
Halfway through:
There are various noisemaking elements to the bike:
- The back wheel turns, hits and strums (the guitar is rested in the bike's front basket).
- There are woodchimes suspended from the frame to be beaten.
- Guitar strings strung on the frame.
- The front wheel is removed and tuned to be played, either struck or plucked.
- And... a bell
It sounds sort of dreamy and hypnotic... Definitely very soft and peaceful...

From halfway through

From just about finished:

(the sounds are taken from the very poorly shot videos)

(Warning - v. dark and you can't see much except in the last one)

I guess that we will see how well it all goes once the play starts. Good Luck Ben and...


NEEEYOW!!! --->

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